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Talking Walls - Culture Link exhibit - Diana Transcript: Diana Nour - How long were you in Eritrea for? Diana - I think I was like? till when I was like three or four. Nour ? How was your experience coming to Canada? Diana ? What is experience again? Nour ? Experience is things you did in the past. Diana ? Okay so Basically I was born in Eritrea. From Eritrea I went to Sudan. It was like a long trip, but it was like 11 months. Then I went to Israel I was there for ten to nine years then I came to Canada. We moved a lot. The last time that we stayed more than a year was before I came to Canada. Nour - Do you like Canada more than Israel? Diana ? At the beginning I didn't like it cause my, my language. I had a lot of accent more than now and it was hard to find friends. So the next year I start speaking more English and more knowing people. Yeah but basically, I like Israel, I mean Canada more than Israel because they treat you better than Israel. Nour ? How did they treat you in Israel? Diana ? So when I went to school there, I've been learning the same subject the same thing, same years until Grade 5. When we did homework the teacher won't call my name she would think I didn't do it. Basically, it's fine when somebody treat you the same thing as other kids because you know that you actually exist in the class. Nour ? So do you like Canada now. Because you told me that before in the beginning you didn't like it. Diana ? Now I like it. I know more English and I know more people. And I still love this country because they helped me in things that I need, and they helped me in school. And there is a program that I go to every Tuesday and Thursday. Nour - My name is Nour Abu Shabah, youth program coordinator at CultureLink.   CultureLink settlement and community services is a Toronto-based agency serving new comers and the community for over 30 years. In collaboration with Hart House, York University, and the Centre for Race and Culture, CultureLink was able to implement a youth and children led initiative for creating art in a variety of different mediums to express belongingness, identity, and immigration. For more information about CultureLink children and youth, please follow us on Twitter @clinkyouth. Thank you so much for listening.

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