Huntsman, Archibald Gowanlock (oral history)

Huntsman, Archibald Gowanlock (oral history)


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Oral History interview with Archibald Gowanlock Huntsman, by Elizabeth Wilson. Covers arrival at University of Toronto through post-retirement work, ca. 1902-73. Focuses on his research on fish reproduction and migration, on fishery products, and on fish preservation for the Fisheries Research Board of Canada. Discusses University Presidents Falconer, Cody, Smith and Bissell, and Faculty members in the Faculty of Medicine and the Dept. of Biology.

Date: 3 May 1973

Citation: University of Toronto Archives. Library Oral History Programme collection. B1974-0021

Image: Prof. Huntsman working in laboratory, 192-. University of Toronto Archives, B2005-0006/001P (01), 2007-55-1MS.

Duration 02:09:45

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Keywords oral history