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Talking Walls - Culture Link Exhibit - Nour Transcript: Nour Hanan - Hi, I?m here today with Nour, and my name is Hanan and I?m going to be interviewing her about CultureLink. Nour ? Thanks for interviewing me! Hanan ? So Nour, how long have you been working here? Nour ? I?m about to hit my two years in November. Hanan ? What kind of programs do you teach? Nour ? So, I don?t teach any programs, I facilitate them, but the programs that I have done in the past ? right now I?m only focusing on youth and arts which you are in. The first month I was here it was really hard to identify what I?m supposed to do, but after that I made it into my own position that worked for me, so. And I got to meet, like, cool youth like you, and now I love my job. Hanan ? Do you want to change anything about Culture Link? Nour ? I want it to be?something bigger?so I want Culture Link to be something that, um, helps not just newcomers but like everyone in the community, since it?s a charity organization. So I think that?s the one thing that I would change but other than that, I feel like we did such a good job on making such an inclusive, non-discriminatory environment so that whenever youth, or anyone comes in here, they don?t feel judged no matter what their status is? or gender or anything like that ? no matter where they?re from. So, I think we did such a good job on that I just want it to be something bigger that hits a whole different audience of people in Toronto. Because I feel like Toronto is so big, that it needs more help. Nour - My name is Nour Abu Shabah, youth program coordinator at CultureLink. CultureLink settlement and community services is a Toronto-based agency serving new comers and the community for over 30 years. In collaboration with Hart House, York University, and the Centre for Race and Culture, CultureLink was able to implement a youth and children led initiative for creating art in a variety of different mediums to express belongingness, identity, and immigration. For more information about CultureLink children and youth, please follow us on Twitter @clinkyouth. Thank you so much for listening.

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