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Talking Walls - Culture Link exhibit - Diamond Transcript: Diamond       Sushi - Hi guys! This is Sushi from CultureLink at Dundas and Jane Street West. Today I?m going to be introducing my friend, Diamond   Diamond - Hey guys, what?s poppin, what?s goin in the house?    Sushi - Do you want to tell us how old are you?     Diamond - [laughter] I?m fifteen.     Sushi - After coming to Canada, have you experienced racism or bullying or any kind of that stuff? Diamond - Personally, I didn?t find racism circumstances but I think it happened to me once in Canada.    Sushi - Are you a newcomer to Canada? Diamond - I wouldn?t consider myself as a newcomer to Canada because I?ve done like a year and a half here. Is that a newcomer?    Sushi - [laughter] How was it like coming to Canada?    Diamond - Honestly it was a struggle but ya I?m here, I?m alive.     Sushi - Why was it a struggle for you? You want to tell us?    Diamond - Uh, because when I was coming from my country, I came out illegally and yeah when I came to Uganda it was a whole new life for me. As a teenager, I went through a lot. Well I had a, I had a, I didn?t have a good life back then but I?m alive, I survived.    Sushi- if you ever had the chance to go back to your country would you go back?   Diamond- You mean Eretria or Uganda?   Sushi - Like the place you like the most. Like the place you want to go to.     Diamond - So basically, I want to go to both of them but I would stay in Eretria forever if that was possible. Nour - My name is Nour Abu Shabah, youth program coordinator at CultureLink.  CultureLink settlement and community services is a Toronto-based agency serving new comers and the community for over 30 years. In collaboration with Hart House, York University, and the Centre for Race and Culture, CultureLink was able to implement a youth and children led initiative for creating art in a variety of different mediums to express belongingness, identity, and immigration. For more information about CultureLink children and youth, please follow us on Twitter @clinkyouth. Thank you so much for listening.

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