Barnstead, Winifred Glen (oral history)

Barnstead, Winifred Glen (oral history)


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Oral history interview by Barbara Byers. Covers her education through to her retirement. Focuses on the years of her active career in librarianship 1907-1951. She discuses the evolution of library education first at the Ontario College of Education and later at the University of Toronto. Subjects discussed include faculty, curricula, degrees, accreditation, the influence of Presidents Falconer, Cody and Smith, prominent librarians in Canada, the McGill Library School, and the early history of the Canadian Library Association.

Date: 1 April 1974

Citation: University of Toronto Archives. Library Oral History Programme collection. B1974-0041

Image: Winifred Barnstead photographed on the occasion of her Honorary Degree from the University of Toronto, 8 June 1972. University of Toronto Archives, A1978-0041/001 (61), 2006-31-1MS.

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