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Talking Walls - Culture Link exhibit - Miriam Transcript: Miriam  Sushi - Hey guys this is Sushi! My real name is Sawsan. I?m from CultureLink and today I will be interviewing my friend Miriam, so Miriam tell us about you. What?s your full name?  Miriam - My full name is Mariam. My background, I am from Eritrea. I came out of my country when I was 12 years old, which is 2012. And from Eritrea I went to Uganda, where I lived for 5 years. And I came to Canada which is 8 years now, so I?m here 18 years old. The first place I came out from my country was for better education because my dad was really obsessed with education. Sushi - Did you want to come here in the first place or you didn?t have a choice? Miriam - Actually, I wanted to go out of my country ever since I was 6 years old, because I always used to see movies or something so I really wanted to come out. But I really did not know what?s the goal coming out, cause I was so young Sushi - Do you miss your people back in Uganda or Eritrea? Miriam - Yes, yes, I absolutely do miss them a lot. Back home obviously people who grew up with me unfortunately they are not there, but some of them I got to contact them with social media but people who live there, yes I do miss them so much because there is a lot of history ever since I was so young and I grew up with them playing. And when I go to Uganda I have a lot of friends. I?m Eritrean and at the same time I call myself Ugandan too because I got to mature to be strong, everything to be who I am right now is one of the life I lived in Uganda. I miss them so much, I don?t know. Sushi - So how was it like coming to Canada? Did you meet people immediately? Were they nice? How was it in general? Miriam - Coming to Canada was so exciting. Like you could say ?oh my god when am I going to go to Canada?, because I don?t know? that?s the way it is. When I came to Canada people were nice, my family was here, all came to see me. I got to see most of my family even the family I?ve never seen my relatives. I?m one of the people who like to be in Canada. Nour - My name is Nour Abu Shabah, youth program coordinator at CultureLink. CultureLink settlement and community services is a Toronto-based agency serving new comers and the community for over 30 years. In collaboration with Hart House, York University, and the Centre for Race and Culture, CultureLink was able to implement a youth and children led initiative for creating art in a variety of different mediums to express belongingness, identity, and immigration. For more information about CultureLink children and youth, please follow us on Twitter @clinkyouth. Thank you so much for listening.

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