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Talking Walls - Culture Link exhibit - Hanan Transcript: Not Fitting In - Nour Interviewing Hanan Nour ? So, you have a lot of new comer friends and you see them in school, right? Hanan ? Yes. Nour ? When you see them in school what kind of barriers do you think they go through when they first got to Canada? Hanan ? Like they feel like they don't fit in yet or like they feel different compared to everyone else that was already here. Nour ? So they felt like they wouldn't fit in. Do you think that the, for example when you go? Have you ever been back home to visit back home? Hanan ? Yeah. Nour ? When you went back home did you feel like you fit in? Hanan ? No not really because like I feel like since I was like born here it was different for me there. Nour ? So you feel like a newcomer when you go back to your parents? home country? Hanan ? Yeah. Nour ? That's so weird. Whoa. Yeah that's kind of the same with me. Nour - My name is Nour Abu Shabah, youth program coordinator at CultureLink. CultureLink settlement and community services is a Toronto-based agency serving new comers and the community for over 30 years. In collaboration with Hart House, York University, and the Centre for Race and Culturee, CultureLink was able to implement a youth and children led initiative for creating art in a variety of different mediums to express belongingness, identity, and immigration. For more information about CultureLink children and youth, please follow us on Twitter @clinkyouth. Thank you so much for listening.

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